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Best iOS Apps That Makes Us Better Environmentalists

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Shares We live in a technology-driven world where smartphones have become great tools for obtaining answers to your questions about recycling. Smartphones make things so much easier in recycling. A recycling app provides an easy to navigate waste collection calendar showing dates and waste pickup alerts. It reminds you about waste pick dates thus keeping you

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Why You Should Recycle Your Batteries

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Shares Many of the household items and the gadgets we use for work and business are made of electronic and electrical materials run by batteries. Batteries are a common commodity in this electronic age. But batteries also have a life. Just like anything that has a life, batteries are also not immortal. By the time they

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5 Fun Recycling Projects for Children

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Shares There are so many ways to enjoy recycling projects that can easily be done at home or in school. Here are five unique and fun projects that children can enjoy while learning the benefits of keeping the environment clean. Read more: 9 interesting facts and statistics about littering 1. Eco Froggy Bank Every day, children use

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