Best iOS Apps That Makes Us Better Environmentalists

We live in a technology-driven world where smartphones have become great tools for obtaining answers to your questions about recycling. Smartphones make things so much easier in recycling. A recycling app provides an easy to navigate waste collection calendar showing dates and waste pickup alerts. It reminds you about waste pick dates thus keeping you on top of waste collection.

Here are the best iOS smartphone apps that can help you hack your way to recycling:

1. iRecycle

With iRecycle you easily find local, convenient recycling centers on the go or at home. This app is free and provides access to many ways of recycling more than 350 materials be it cans, glass, paper etc. iRecycle tells you where, how and when to recycle anything that is recyclable.

It provides important details about collection points, directions, phone number, hours of operation and materials recyclable.1800 RecyclingThis app allows searching of recycling centers based on your phone’s GPS data or zip code.

It shows you recycling centers nearby, showing types of recyclables each facility accepts. In recycling, it is challenging knowing which materials are accepted as recyclables in each center or facility.

2. 1800 Recycling

This app was formerly known as My Recycle List. This new app provides easy ways to find convenient drop-off points and organize your recyclables quickly and effectively. Furthermore, it enables you to easily share and rate your recycling experiences, in the process helping others learn from you thus improve their recycling.

3. Find Recycling

This app helps you locate various recycling points that are nearby your current location and provides direction using a map on how to find them. It also helps you find recycling points elsewhere using a simple place name or postcode search. Therefore, you can help family members or friends locate recycling points, helping them properly dispose off their recyclables such as glass bottles, batteries etc.

4. RecycleBank

This app provides answers on demand to your recycling questions, pickup date reminders and also offers rewards via its rewards catalog. It allows you to set reminders for collection dates and mark your calendar for special collections such as bulk or yard collection. RecycleBank allows you to find out what and how to recycle in your town or city, and materials to send to specialty recyclers. This app offers rewards by earning points whereby you turn the points into great deals at nearby stores or businesses.

5. AluminateT

Specifically for aluminum recycling, this app giving you all the tools for keeping track of all aluminum cans you have recycled. Aluminate is enticing by giving you ways to earn cash through aluminum recycling.

It tells you how much money you can earn when you take your aluminum materials to your nearest recycling center. For example, you can set recycling goal of 2000 aluminum materials and the app will calculate the amount you will earn.

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