Process of Plastic Bag Recycling – from start to finish

plastic bags recycling

Rumors went viral on the internet that plastic bags are manufactured from crude oils and around 12 million barrels of fuel are used by the plastic bag industry each year to meet the annual demand of plastic bags in the U.S.A. In reality, this is just a rumor as plastic bags have nothing to do with fuels. The actual fact

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Best iOS Apps That Makes Us Better Environmentalists

We live in a technology-driven world where smartphones have become great tools for obtaining answers to your questions about recycling. Smartphones make things so much easier in recycling. A recycling app provides an easy to navigate waste collection calendar showing dates and waste pickup alerts. It reminds you about waste pick dates thus keeping you on top of waste collection.

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Why You Should Recycle Your Batteries

Many of the household items and the gadgets we use for work and business are made of electronic and electrical materials run by batteries. Batteries are a common commodity in this electronic age. But batteries also have a life. Just like anything that has a life, batteries are also not immortal. By the time they have reached the end of

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